This is 200 Calories

There is a lot more to healthy eating than just counting calories but once you start eating proper sized portions you realize just how much you’re consuming.  This video shows what a 200 calorie serving of different foods actually looks like.   Being able to visualize the calorie count really helps make better portion control decisions. But don’t just count on this video! Get yourself a $10 kitchen scale and weigh everything.  Soon you’ll get an eye for what a proper sized portion looks like.  And if you’re me, and you’ll never trust your eyes around food again, you’ll keep the scale handy and use it every time you cook.  Calorie dense foods like peanut butter were a huge part of my problem.   You can’t manage what you don’t measure! 

(Now that you’ve watched the video, check out the GeekWise website for a whole page of pictures of foods portioned out to 200 calories.)

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