Yup. I’m a model.

179563_305667862849740_338161057_nToday my buddy Joe and I drove out to a seamstress and got fitted for tuxedos that we’ll be modelling in a wedding show next weekend.  Yup.  That actually happened.

It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of a woman coming at me with measuring tape to actually plot out my size would have sent me into a panic attack.  I would have found nine ways to get out of this already.  Now, the truth is the idea of doing this is absolutely crazy to me but I made a promise to myself over a year ago to say yes to things my gut wants to run away from.  It’s treated me well so far, so it doesn’t seem like now is the time to abandon that.

Now, before you start offering me jobs to come model for you, there’s something you should know.  I don’t quite have the body of a model.  While you may be searching for “tall, dark, and handsome” I’m more of a “tall and handsome in the dark” kinda guy.

My job puts me in some pretty strange situations – and those seem to be getting stranger since I stopped saying no to things I couldn’t completely control. (Did I mention I’ll be Polar Bear dipping into the frigid waters or Kilarney Lake in a couple of weeks?) I’m really starting to think someone told the promo guy at the station that I’m not saying no to much these days.  So when I got the email asking if I wanted to be a guest model at the wedding show I jumped on it, if for no other reason than the chance to list Fashion Model on my resume from here on out.  You can’t just pass that up!

Anyway, while a strange woman came at me with a measuring tape today (which is a enough to make any man worry) I tried to image explaining this situation to the guy I was two years ago.   It’d be pretty neat to just walk up to myself while I’m standing on the massive built-in floor scale at The Cape Breton Regional Hospital waiting to see what I actually weighed for the first time in years.    In that moment when the paper printed out and I saw the numbers for the first time and my head filled with doubt and an eagerness to quit before I had even begun, it would be neat to just walk up and say: “Hey! Your modelling career starts in 20 months.  Get on it!”

I mean, sure, technically, it’s still basically plus size modelling but he doesn’t need to know that!

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