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BobFat Man Walking tells the story behind the story of Jay McNeil’s journey of loss. As a journalist and radio host Jay was already very public about his journey to lose over 200 pounds. His story chronicles the thoughts and decisions of a fat man who questioned how and why he got there in the first place and more importantly, what led him to veer from the fatal path before him.

‎Jay has inspired hundreds of people to make positive changes in their lives. Using the public storytelling as a motivating factor, Jay embraced new friendships and challenges to try new things, learning along the way that not only was he physically shrinking, but the world around him was opening up in ways he had never imagined.

Fat Man Walking starts as a story about a guy who needs to shed pounds, but becomes a story about a new life long journey, not just a final destination.

If you’ve wrestled with weight loss or ‎want to understand it from the inside you should read this book.

Bob Pelley
Balls Creek , NS



944786_10153176984550305_898283418_nEverywhere you look in society, there are always people telling you how to “get healthy, lose weight, and get in shape!” Each year, millions of people try to change their diets and millions of people fail. The main reason is that the weight loss industry isn’t getting to the root of the issue – how an overweight person thinks and feels about themselves.

‘Fat Man Walking’ is the first real and honest look at the psychology behind obesity and what drives the decisions an overweight person makes. It’s frank, it’s unapologetic, and it if you’re overweight and struggling to change your lifestyle it hits home a little more often than may be comfortable for some. It’s a strikingly open and human look at a very real human problem and it will inspire you like no fad diet or exercise video ever will.

To get your body right you first have to get your mind right. ‘Fat Man Walking’ is a great way to show you that you’re not alone in your battle and give you that nudge that we all sometimes need to change our lives for the better. It’s got some big ideas on how to make yourself smaller as well as learning to love the person you are.

I can’t recommend it enough.

Steve Malloy
Moncton, New Brunswick



1535369_10151790705066856_1567962731_nSo, you are not considering weight loss surgery, and you have no idea who Jay McNeil is. This review is for you.

Fat Man Walking is about personal transformation, the unexpected way. On the surface it is all about lap band surgery, and do read it if you are interested in that, because this book should be required reading for lap band surgery patients and caregivers.

But on a more profound level it is about how each of us boxes ourselves into the life we currently lead, forget that we built the box, and blame the box. The most interesting thing about this book is how clear Jay is on how, when and why he climbed into his box, and how open and honest he is about his process of getting out of it, even though he didn’t realize what it was all about when he started the task. He has achieved the transformation from needing to be special among the rest, falling short and crawling into a box, to walking out to live his life. This is the unique and special opportunity each of us has before us, to live. We can choose to stay in our boxes, or we can do what Jay did. Do start by reading this book.

Madeline Yakimchuk
Sydney, Nova Scotia




I am BLOWN AWAY with this book.  It is absolutely AMAZING.  Jay explained his story so eloquently that I could hear him telling it to me with each paragraph.

He has put into words so many intimate parts of his life in a way that will inspire so many people to own up to why they are living a life that is unhealthy.  Helping them to finally live a life that puts themselves first.  Helping them understand why they ended up where they are today and helping them on the journey to finding out who they really are.

This book is inspirational, raw, and intimate.  I couldn’t put it down and the moment I finished it I wanted to read it over and over again.

Sarah Ann Adams
Glace Bay, Nova Scotia



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