Reader Reaction to Fat Man Walking


buy_nowOn Monday the book shipped to those who had pre-ordered and I have been overwhelmed by the response!  People have been reading it cover to cover and sending me their thoughts.  When I was writing Fat Man Walking, and even more through the editing process, I tried to forget that people were going to read it.  Writing it, for me, was about capturing the first year and a half of the journey as honestly as I could.  If I thought too much about who would be reading it, I’m sure I would have softened some parts, or cut out entire sections all together.  I’m so glad I didn’t!  Here’s what some readers have been saying about the book!


“Just finished your book and your honesty – not just about your weight but about your anxiety and your sexuality, they’ve inspired me to have a conversation with those closest to me about what my life is like right now and what I want it to be like.  I don’t know how to thank you for showing me I deserve to live better than I am right now.” – J.M.

“I have about 40 pages to go!!! One sitting and just about done. Incredible. It is truly amazing the total life change…. It truly is remarkable and I am so proud of you. You are going to have great success because you “get it”. It’s not the number on the scale. It’s the changes you are seeing in your day to day life…. The part about how many friendships were lost due to backing out of plans near killed me. The invisible Jay who always bailed last minute ….. Now I get it.” – C.D.

“Jay my book arrived yesterday and what an amazing story. I have never met you but it feels like I know you. I love your honesty I love your passion and I love your drive. You are an amazing man and a great example to us all. You have shown us that hard work and determination really get great results. I laughed and cried and thoroughly enjoyed the book. Congratulations on the book and on your new life. I know you will have continued success, you have it in you.” – J.M.

“I can’t even imagine how you must feel…. It connects with people in all different battles in their lives not just weight loss! It’s strange to read how someone’s struggle with weight loss had such similar characteristics to other battles in life. It’s overwhelming and comforting at once.” – E.B.

“Jay I want to say thank you very much.  I have read your book and am grateful and thankful that you have been so open and candid with such an intimate subject. I used to weight 438 pounds… It as been a roller coaster journey and your book has reminded me why I have done this and what it mean to me.” – J. C.

“This is Jay McNeil’s book. I put down for the first time since I picked it up. Amazing is the only way to describe it and you for writing it.”-  K.M.

“Can’t put my book down, it is even more awesome than I even imagined!! And I had High expectations.” – S.M.

“Your book was everything I thought it would be and much more. Thank you for sharing your amazing story and all the best continuing on your adventure. You look amazing and I am sure you will have continued success on the rest of your adventure.” – D.C.

“Loved it! It was everything I expected it to be! Open and honest and straight from the Heart. It made me cry, it made me laugh but most of all it made me smile from ear to ear!” – S.M

“All I can say is…It is absolutely everything I expected ..Amazing ..Words so raw and real…Tears ,laughs and words that hit home. You should be so proud of yourself.I know I can’t be prouder of you…Wonderful job on your book ,but most of all on you! Thanks for such a book of inspiration” – N.M.

“Through my bloodshot eyes I write this to you..I couldn’t put the book down until finished! I laughed, I cried, I read each page with my heart…I couldnt’ be more proud to call you my friend!! You are an inspiration to all that know you and are about to know you!! Kudos ! Standing ovation to you !! and a hug xoxo” – J.M.

“Jay, I read your book. Loved it from start to finish.  You touched my soul.  I cried, smiled, laughed, and hiked up a mountain I’ve never been on.  It was a wonderful read.  I thank you for your honesty and your love for others in sharing your personal journey.” -M.H. 

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