Revelations through “Lessons in Loss”

A fellow blogger posted abou Fat Man Walking and this line really sticks out to me. “Looking back now, it’s no surprise I gained half of that loss back, I felt like I was faking my attempt at health.” I’ve certainly had those moments along the way. Glad you licked the book!

Fit Mission 2014


(Photo courtesy of   Fat Man Walking on Facebook)

   I’ve just recently finished reading a wonderful book, Fat Man Walking Lessons in Loss, written by a local radio personality and fellow weight loss journey goer, Jay McNeil.  *You can find his book, blog, and links to his other social media outlets (all of which I recommended following!) Here * The book is a great read and he writes like he’s having a conversation and I loved that so much. Sometimes it made me feel like he was talking only to me because of how spot on he was about self talk and how he got to his highest weight in the first place. It made me realize a lot of things, and do a lot of self reflection on how I got here and why I truly want to change. Not going to lie, some days I feel like…

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