Q&A – Part 2

559171_10152260226970068_1205950866_nWhat do you admire about others have have gone through a similar journey as yourself? And do you see that quality in you? 

My favorite thing to do in life is talk to people about where their passion lies.  There’s nothing like it! So, I spend a lot of my time talking with other people who have gone through similar things.  Personally, and professionally, I find myself studying change and how people handle change, and how we manage change.   That keeps me in touch with people who have finished their weight loss, others who are mid-journey like me, and some who are just starting.  I have found these relationships to incredibly helpful, and the first advice I give to anyone starting out is to surround themselves with people who know what it’s like.   The people who love you most in this world just can’t support you the same way a stranger who has been in your shoes is able to.

Do you like to watch weight-loss / health related shows and documentaries or do you find them depressing?

Yup!  I used to avoid them like the plague, back when I wanted to think that change was impossible.  These days, whenever I’m feeling a little down or off-track I’ll watch a couple of episodes of The Biggest Loser.  I don’t use it for advice about eating or working out because so much of what they do on the show is completely non-transferable outside of that very special environment.  I watch if for the stories.  There’s inspiration to be found in the stories of those on the show every season.  I’ve actually talked with several of the contestants on the shows over the last couple of years.

Documentaries are a whole other story!  I’m obsessed with documentaries about health, wellness, and food.  I’m actually going to start reviewing them here in the blog after being asked by another site to review a couple for a series they’re doing.

What is something new that you want to do or explore this summer that you wouldn’t have bothered doing a few years ago?

Last summer was an incredibly busy with the launch of two new radio stations at work and I didn’t really get to explore much of New Brunswick unless it was in a car on a highway.  So, this year I’m really looking forward to getting in some long walks, and some great hikes as I get out to see some of the communities around the province.

What do you admire most about yourself? What do you dislike most about yourself? 

These days what I admire the most is my honesty – both with myself and with everyone else.  Life is so much easier when you just say what you mean and mean what you say.  It’s not just about the kind of brutal honesty I try to bring to this blog and to my book, but just generally these days there’s no drama in my life.  I make choices.  I own those choices.  It’s a healthy way to live, and like so much of this, it’s pretty new to me.

What do I dislike the most? I overthink things way too much.  It’s a hard thing to control because in certain parts of my life it pays to be an over thinker.  As a news guy, I’m paid to think about one story for several angles.  As a manager I’m paid to be a critical thinker, and a problem analyst.  I’m a risk manager, and that requires thinking through to logical and sometimes illogical conclusions and preparing for those.  In a lot of ways my thinking is a key component to any success I’ve had in life and on this weight loss journey.  But…there are moments where it’s just too much.   You can’t really change what you don’t understand, so I’ve put a lot of time in to thinking about how I used to live my life, and what used to inspire me, or excite me, and the more I go back to that place in my mind the more I realize just how little I was thinking about myself.  These days, it’s the other extreme.  I often worry I’m thinking too much instead of just riding this out.

Are you writing another book? 

I sure am!  There are a couple of exciting projects in the works that we’ll be announcing over the summer.  In the meantime, my new weekly column in The Cape Breton Star starts on May 1st!  You can watch for Fat Man Walking all around Cape Breton in the new free weekly paper from The Chronicle Herald.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

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