Second Spring



“Autumn in a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.” -Albert Camus

I’m sorry, but I’m going to be the guy who states the obvious.  The Labour Day long weekend is here and that means that summer is over and fall is almost here.  Fat people everywhere breathe a sigh of relief!  Generally, it’s our favorite season. 

Fall is my season.  I’ll basically spend every free minute I have over the next three months outside comfortably enjoying the world!  Fall means jeans, and hoodies, black coffee, great veggies. Fall is comfort!  It means evening walks along the river.  Air as crisp as apples we can pick ourselves on Saturday mornings! It means the whole city is about is about be brightly colored! The world will open up as the green blankets fall from the trees and we see the whole sky again.  

For the next week the whole city will smell like school supplies stuffed in a new book-bag. The paths that were so clear all summer long, will soon be hard to find buried under the fallen leaves, like scraps of torn construction paper from an elementary school art class.  There will be a few thousand little hands and fingers traced and turned in to Turkey’s proudly displayed on refrigerator doors in family kitchens. 

Fall is invigorating.  It’s romantic. It fills us with life in the most confusing way.  The smell of fall is the smell of a ripening earth. The falling leaves are a million little deaths. The flowers disappear for another year – but we remain.  Surrounded by a beautiful decay, we have survived.  It makes us want to move again. 

You’ve got about 100 days before every Pumpkin Spice Latte becomes a Candy Cane Hot Chocolate.  How will you celebrate your survival? How will you enjoy this second spring?

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