30×30 Challenge


The idea is pretty simple: get outside for 30 minutes a day for 30 days in a row.  You can do anything!  Clean up the yard, wash the car, walk around the neighbourhood, pick apples, rake leaves, hut up a park, walk a boardwalk, or anything else you feel like doing. Taking part in the 30×30 Challenge will show you that most of us just don’t spend enough time outside.  We get so caught up in our daily life that we spend all of out time coming and going and not enough of our time just being outside for the sake of it!  You’ll also realize just how much activity you can squeeze in to 30 minutes a day.

So why 30 days?  That’s easy!  It takes 21 days to establish a routine.  If you’re trying to make any change in your life – no matter how big or small – psychologically they say it takes 21 days to introduce something new in to your daily routine.   By day 22 your body will be expecting you to go outside for thirty minutes.  What may have seemed like a bit of a chore the first few days will soon become something your mind and body depend on.

We don’t give “outside” enough credit – breathing the crisp fall air will just make you feel better!  Being active will make you feel better. Rope some family or friends in to doing this with you – and you’ll actually have fun. Oh, and challenge yourself to do something different.   Everyday doesn’t need to feel like workout, but it will be if you’re willing to do things you haven’t done before or just haven’t done in years.

So far we have people in seven provinces signed up!  It’s really easy to be a part of!  Just take a picture of what you’re doing each day and upload it to the Fat Man Walking facebook page. Each picture counts as a digital ballot toward some cool prizes we’ll be giving away at the end of the month!

Here’s to a great 30 days!  Can’t wait to see what you do with yours! Be sure to share you stories and pictures on the Facebook page so you can inspire others to try new things all month long.


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