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About Us

My Story

I became a fully qualified primary school teacher in 1998, having studied for a Bachelor of Education degree in Environmental Education at Sheffield Hallam University. Now, 25 years later, I am a headteacher and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist working in the suburbs of Manchester, England. My in-depth research on the subject of grief and loss and how it affects young people, began the day after I received a call from a parent telling me she was going into palliative care just a few weeks after I became a headteacher.

The Grief Recovery Method

The Grief Recovery Method originated in America and was developed by John W James, the author of the book, The Grief Recovery Method (1998) It is a process, that if followed, allows us to let go of the pain associated with grief. It is the only evidence-based grief program in the world.

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Our long-term mission

Helping to train as many people as possible to help children and young people deal with grief is the ultimate goal. In 2023 my book Lessons in Loss, a professional guide and personal journey about grief recovery, is due to be published. The book offers an invaluable guide for teachers, parents and professionals who are seeking to help children and young people deal with loss.

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Deborah Brown

GIFTS – Director